Collection: High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS) Gloss (Black & White)

High Impact Polystyrene, often referred to as HIPs or “Plasticard”, is a form of expanded polystyrene. It is available in solid sheet form and not the foamed version used in ceiling tiles or protective packaging. It has good impact performance and is often used in applications where low mechanical strength, but impact resistance is required. Compared to other sheet plastics, it is relatively low cost and is popular with model makers and prototype builders alike.

This material is easy to work with, can be cut using readily available hand tools: HIPS can also be laser cut and thermoformed using vacuum forming techniques. This material can also be easily machined using more specialised equipment including drills and milling machines.

High Impact polystyrene is available in a variety of colours and in a High Gloss and Matt finish

In thicknesses of 0.25mm up to 3mm and sheet sizes from A5 to A1.

Cutting services are available and bespoke sheet sizes may be possible.