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Aluminum Sheet 1mm Thickness - Various Sizes

Aluminum Sheet 1mm Thickness - Various Sizes


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1050AH14 Grade, 1.0mm Thick, Aluminium sheet.

Available in the following sizes:

20mm x 50mm 20mm x 100mm
20mm x 150mm 20mm x 200mm
30mm x 50mm 30mm x 100mm
30mm x 150mm 30mm x 200mm
40mm x 50mm 40mm x 100mm
40mm x 150mm 40mm x 200mm
50mm x 50mm 50mm x 100mm
50mm x 150mm 50mm x 200mm
100mm x 50mm 100mm x 100mm
100mm x 150mm 100mm x 200mm
150mm x 50mm 150mm x 100mm
150mm x 150mm 150mm x 200mm


Tolerance on cut width of +/- 1mm and +/- 2mm on length.

This product has a peel-off coating on both sides however sometimes it does not fully cover the entire surface. The surface finish is standard mill (not polished).

This material is aluminium grade 1050AH14 and is good for light fabrications, has good corrosion resistance and is ductile making it suitable for most sheet metal working processes.

Larger or bespoke sizes are also available, please contact us for more information.

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